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Maintain a Consumer-Driven Organisation with SuRe.AX

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Maintain a Consumer-Driven Organisation with SuRe.AX

With new aged care quality standards recently introduced by the Australian Government, aged care organisations are under pressure to re-evaluate the performances of their facilities and community care programs. The SuRe.AX Application is a revolutionary supplier review system that will help your organisation to meet these aged care standards and provide the best level of care for your residents. New ‘Consumer Drives Quality’ Aged Care Quality Standards In a direct response to the 2018 Royal Commission, the Australian Government, in conjunction with families, consumer groups, service providers, and aged care experts, have introduced the most significant changes to aged care standards in two decades. These improved reforms to antiquated aged care standards will result in a high-quality care system that is specifically focused on the health, safety, and welfare of senior Australians. By developing an end-to-end, market-based system where the ‘consumer drives quality,’ consumers will have better access to aged care provider information; greater choice over a wide range of services, and improved aged care facilities and community care programs. What do the New Quality Standards mean for Your Organisation? Your aged care organisation will continue to be assessed by the current standards but as of 1 July 2019, it will be assessed by the new governmental focus-on-the-consumer standards, which means your existing services must meet these improved legislation requirements. As the Aged Care Quality Standards 4-6 are specifically centred on improving the quality of care and services offered to consumers, managing your suppliers must be at the top of your to-do list. 

Aged Care Quality Standards 4 – 6

Standard 4 – Services and Supports for Daily Living 

Organisations must provide safe and effective services and support for daily living that optimise the consumer’s independence, health, well-being and quality of life.

Standard 5 – Safe and Comfortable Service Environment

 An organisation must provide a safe and comfortable service environment that promotes the consumer’s independence, function, and enjoyment.

Standard 6 – Handling Feedback and Complaints

The organisation must regularly seek input and feedback from consumers, carers, the workforce, and others, and use the input and feedback to inform continuous improvements for individual consumers and the whole organisation.

SuRe.AX can Help You to Meet the New Aged Care Standards

SuRe Procurement is dedicated to helping you build a consumer-driven aged care organisation that conforms to these new standards. We understand the demands of a busy aged-care facility and the challenge of managing lots of different suppliers. Our SuRe.AX Application is a smart supplier review application that has been specially designed to transform existing aged-care supplier management systems. This revolutionary web-based system helps to facilitate the management of your suppliers’ performance by:
  • Reducing supplier response time from 24 hours to real-time responses.
  • Reducing supplier management cost by at least 85%.
  • Improving supplier performance ratings by 40%, from 3-star to 5-star ratings.
  • Preventing contract pre-termination and other possible risks associated with contract agreements.
One of the major highlights of SuRe.AX is that you will have fast access to supplier management solutions anywhere, anytime.

Solution 1

SuRe.AX provides a central repository of data on supplier issues and performance reviews on any device.

Solution 2

SuRe.AX facilitates efficient and timely resolutions of daily operational issues using a built-in messaging system.

Solution 3

SuRe.AX is a convenient and effective way to conduct supplier performance assessments online.

Solution 4

SuRe.AX provides accurate data and easy-to-understand analytics for efficient day-to-day decision-making. Once you implement SuRe.AX within your aged care organisation, you will meet the new governmental quality reforms through improved supplier performance, provide excellent care to senior Australians, and maintain a competitive edge in a rapidly changing industry.

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