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ProcuSphere is a cloud-hosted supplier and contract review application designed to help businesses achieve the maximum value from their supplier contracts and reduce vulnerabilities to losses caused by supplier non-compliance.

Data Storage

A central repository of data on suppliers and contracts, compliances, incidents and performance reviews.


Consistently provide up-to-date compliance documents, which gives buyers peace of mind.


Efficient and timely resolutions of daily operational issues using a built-in messaging system.

Supplier Reviews

A convenient and effective way to conduct supplier performance reviews online.

ProcuSphere Features

A Smart Supplier and Contract Reviews Application
As you navigate through the ProcuSphere features, you will experience the ease and comfort of doing less for a higher output and shorter time.
Instant Access
With instant access to the ProcuSphere application on any device, you can update all your suppliers and contract information, check suppliers compliances, raise an issue, or rate the performance of your suppliers anywhere, anytime.
Smooth Integration
With access to API, you can have painless integration with other platforms within a short period of time.
Reliable and Secure Hosting
We utilise one of the best cloud hosting providers, Amazon Web Services (AWS), so you can be confident that your company will experience zero downtime and your data will be safely stored with secure data encryption.
Professional Support
With our professional, friendly IT team behind you supporting you right from implementation to daily supplier operations, your business will be well equipped to deliver expert services to your clients.
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Problems we are trying to solve:

The lack of an effective tool for supplier performance review may result in a negative Return or Investment (ROI).

Failure to manage supplier performance during the contract monitoring stage may result in losing 75% of the cost savings.

Risk of losing business due to a lack of comprehensive supplier compliance management tools, including company and staff compliances.

The increasing regulatory compliance standards make businesses vulnerable to losses and government penalties.

Enhanced Efficiency

ProcuSphere automates various supplier and contract management processes, eliminating manual tasks and streamlining operations.

Centralised Data Management

ProcuSphere provides a centralised platform to store and manage supplier information, contracts, and related documents. It allows easy access to critical data, ensuring that the latest information is readily available whenever needed.

Improved Supplier Collaboration

ProcuSphere facilitates better communication and collaboration with suppliers. It enables businesses to exchange information, track supplier performance, and address issues in real-time, fostering stronger relationships.

Risk Mitigation

ProcuSphere helps businesses monitor supplier and contract performance, track compliances and mitigate risks associated with non-compliance.

Supplier Relationship Enhancement

ProcuSphere facilitates regular performance evaluations that help build stronger partnerships and collaboration between businesses and suppliers for mutual success.

Continuous Improvement

ProcuSphere provides a framework for ongoing improvement and collaboration with suppliers. It encourages dialogue, feedback, and performance reviews, fostering a culture of continuous improvement for both parties.

We love to highlight the Online Review functionality of ProcuSphere

ProcuSphere can create a Supplier Performance Review culture within your organisation. The Performances module drives the participation of everyone who interfaces with suppliers in the organisation, which results in a widely-participated supplier management process that builds up a pool of highly performing suppliers.

To get suppliers to improve their performance and provide what matters to the business, you need to obtain the insights of the stakeholders that work closely with suppliers. They must be more involved from the beginning of the Supplier Review process.

ProcuSphere instills the discipline and the rhythm to conduct supplier reviews, a frequency set from when a supplier is on-boarded and/or a contract is awarded.

These days, consumers make their buying decisions based on supplier ratings. Enterprise buyers should do the same. With ProcuSphere, the performance ratings of your suppliers are visible to your stakeholders, enabling them to make wise buying decisions.

If you need an easy-to-use, intuitive tool with the best-in-class Supplier Review functionality, please get in touch with us today.

Why do you need this NOW?

  • Your suppliers need customer reviews and feedback because there’s an increasing dependence on customer reviews and feedback.

  • The growing risk landscape, especially after the last few years of disruptions, require compliance leaders to establish greater business ownership of risks. Take control of your compliance standards.

  • The democratisation of data and analytics empowers more parts of the organisation to use data to make decisions. Seek data as close to real-time as possible to survive the competition in this increasingly complex competitive landscape.

Success, career growth and business.

Experience world-class Supplier and Contract Management solutions with ProcuSphere.