SuRe Procurement is an Australian-based company that offers you smart procurement solutions for your organisation.

We understand that your organisation needs highly responsive and simple to use centralised supplier performance management solutions that empower you to enhance your services, reduce exposure to risks and errors, and allow your staff to focus on what matters most, building a better client-centred business.

We are committed to bringing you the latest in innovative supplier management solutions that help you revolutionise your processes and efficiently manage your suppliers.

We exist to help your organisation obtain the maximum value out of your supplier contracts.

A Smart Supplier Review Application

SuRe.AX Application is a leading brand of supplier review solutions that has been specifically designed to transform existing supplier management systems.

SuRe.AX helps your organisation by:

  • Reducing supplier response time from 24 hours to real-time responses.
  • Reducing supplier management cost by at least 50%.
  • Improving supplier performance ratings by 40%, from 3-star to 5-star ratings.
  • Preventing contract pre-termination and other possible risks associated with contract agreements.

Innovative Supplier Review Solutions

Solution 1:

SuRe.AX provides a central repository of data on supplier issues and contractor performance reviews.

Solution 2:

SuRe.AX facilitates efficient and timely resolutions of daily operational issues using a built-in messaging system.

Solution 3:

SuRe.AX is a convenient and effective way to conduct supplier performance assessments online.

Solution 4:

SuRe.AX provides accurate data and easy-to-understand analytics for efficient day-to-day decision-making.

Explore the SuRe.AX Features

We provide a paperless document handling and performance review process. As you navigate through the SuRe.AX features, you will experience the ease and comfort of doing less for a higher output and shorter time.

  • SET UP

    Fast and simple application set-up and configuration process.


    Effective management and resolution of daily operational issues.


    Easy to use online supplier performance review process.


    Access up-to-date, prompt and reliable data that can be used for strategic decision-making.

  • SET UP

    Fast and simple application set-up and configuration process.


    Easy to use online supplier performance review process.


    Effective management and resolution of daily operational issues.


    Access up-to-date, prompt and reliable data that can be used for strategic decision-making.

Instant Access to SuRe.AX

One of the best features of SuRe.AX is its electronic web-based capability. With instant access to the SuRe.AX application on any device, you can update all your suppliers and contract information, raise an issue, or rate the performance of your suppliers anywhere, anytime.

Professional SuRe.AX Support

With our professional, friendly IT team behind you supporting you right from implementation to daily supplier operations, your facilities will be well equipped to deliver expert services to your clients.

Reliable and Secure Hosting of SuRe.AX

We utilise one of the best cloud hosting providers, Amazon Web Services (AWS), so you can be confident that your company will experience zero downtime and your data will be safely stored with secure data encryption.


SuRe Procurement is dedicated to meeting your changing business needs and offers you procurement services that will help you to achieve sustainable growth and a competitive edge.

SuRe Application Implementation

We offer you reliable and expert support for setting up and implementing SuRe.AX within your organisation.

Technology Enablement

We help identify gaps in business processes, design and build a suitable solution that provides operational efficiency and improves productivity, ultimately improving the bottom line.

Supplier Performance Management

We provide a complete supplier review of your nominated suppliers. We help you identify and mitigate supplier risks, resolve recurring issues, and conduct performance reviews using our online tool, SuRe.AX.

We will provide you with the outcome of the reviews and assist in supplier discussions, as needed.

Procurement Outsourcing Services

Our procurement outsourcing services will help you focus on your core activities, improve your service delivery, reduce support and administrative costs, drive specific improvement objectives, and do what matters most for your clients.


ICT Project Management

Effective ICT project management is a necessity in every organisation. Unfortunately, there are very few procurement professionals that have expertise in the ICT space. We, at SuRe Procurement, understand the challenges in managing ICT projects of any size. Having successfully built our own smart supplier review application and effectively managed various ICT projects for large organisations, we posses the expertise and we can help you successfully implement your ICT strategies.

Contract Management

Contract management is an essential function of any modern organisation but it can be time-consuming to deal with various supplier contracts at the same time. We will organise, negotiate, and manage all contract agreements with your suppliers and ensure that all parties meet their contractual obligations.

Supplier Risk Management

Is your business prepared for supplier failure? More than 50% of a company’s product or services depend on a supply chain. Supplier-related risks can have a negative impact on your company’s operation, finances, and customers.

Our experienced team utilise effective risk management strategies that empower your company to deliver optimal productivity, boost profits, and exceed customer expectations.


Whether you need to upgrade your technology infrastructure or commission a new service provider, organising an effective tender can be challenging and time consuming.

We will manage the entire Request for Tender (RFT) process, from the preparation of RFT documents to contract awarding. This will enable you to secure a winning bid that best meets your needs and offers you the best value for money.

Strategic Sourcing

Strategic sourcing is a key aspect of supply chain management that aligns the purchasing power with the overall value of the product or service. It improves the quality and efficiency through building a diverse and reliable supplier base, which ultimately results in a positive impact on your company’s bottom line.

Our dedicated team will source suppliers, manage the entire sourcing process, examine purchasing budgets and ensure that potential risks are mitigated.

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Maintain A Competitive Industry Edge

Whether you work in the retail or hospitality industry, or in the public sector, managing the performance of your suppliers can be challenging.

Once you utilise all the features of our revolutionary SuRe.AX application, you will be able to engage highly skilled, reliable and professional suppliers. Ultimately, your business will be in a prime position to offer the best environment for your customers.

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